Goat calcium supplement, milk enhancer

Goat Calcium Granules

Calcium is a vital and most important supplement for animals. In animal farming, it is considered an ideal supplement that helps in improving the health of the animal and also improves the agriculture economy. For Indian farmers whose living is on pay originates from the animal's meat and milk and for a superior amount of money to generate from animals, their better health is the top most priority. This high demanded health is achieved by a better feed with a high measure of calcium and other vital nutrients. Better availability of feed and with the supplement in equalization helps in delivering the required health and growth. For this, we present Neutro CPD Granules avital calcium supplement for goats and all animals which enhances their health and growth to them. It removes all the calcium deficiencies and other related problems from the body. This vital calcium supplement contains calcium along with phosphorus, vitamin and enzyme complex.


  • Prevents rickets, osteomalacia, anemia, lameness and leg weakness.
  • Helps in formation of stronger bones.
  • Prevent Calcium deficiency.
  • Improves health and body weight.

Uses and administration

For Meat Goats

Or, as directed by a veterinarian consultant.