Goat Feed Electrolytes

Hydration is exceptionally essential and imperative for a body. A hydrated body contains all the essential supplements that a body requires for a legitimate development. During summer season the pressure and drying out is extreme. In this situation there is loss of water and other crucial supplements and nutrients from the body as sweats which truly influences the health of the creatures. To combat this there is a need of better goat electrolyte supplement which helps in recuperating from electrolyte inadequacy and improves health. Destrolyte is one of the best electrolyte supplements which helps the body from dehydration. This vital electrolytic supplement contains sodium, potassium, magnesium with other vital nutrients that helps in recovering from lost supplements. It helps in quick retention of imperative supplements and gives vitality to the body.


  • Maintains electrolyte balances in the body.
  • Provides strength.
  • Acts as a supportive therapy during anti biotic treatment.
  • Rehydrates the body during summer.
  • Recover lost nutrients from the body.

Uses and Administrations

For Dairy Goats

Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.