Goat Fertility Improver

Goat is an important animal which is commonly used for milk and meat. They are also a great source of skin and fibre other that meat and milk. Cross breeding among different species of goats helps in achieving these products. Best quality of these kinds of products are obtained by best health of goats. Healthy environment, better management, quality nutrition and best selection of breeding goats can improve the economy o f goat farming. Improving the reproduction efficiency, it helps in increasing the goat economy. The reproductive efficiency depends on the length of the duration of pregnancy, litter size, embryo/foetal development, survival viability, growth of new born, suckling period, puberty age and duration of reproductive life. The best way to improve the reproduction is giving the right feed with the desired nutrients which improves the reproduction. Other than feed we also provide goat fertility supplement which boost the overall health and stimulates reproduction. Seletonic is the fertility improver which helps in achieving this. It contains various types of nutrients and minerals which promotes better health and production.


  • Boost immunity.
  • Give strength and vitality to animals.
  • Enhances Fertility and early sexual maturities.
  • Improves body weight.
  • Enhance overall performance and production.

Uses and administrations

For Breeder Goats

Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.