Goat Growth Supplement

Goat Growth Supplement

Growth and development in goats and the factor that affect this is very crucial because it affects the efficiency of production and it has the direct effect of health and growth as well as the economy as these animals are farmed for their milk and meat. Growth and development of the body directly depend upon the internal and external environment. Growth is a chronological process and its inevitable consequence is an enlargement in size and aging. Faster and better growth is achieved when there is proper supplementation of the feed which provides all the desired nutritional value to the body. Any deficiency of these nutrients in the body can cause severer health related problems and can raise various diseases in the body. For this there we use external goat growth promoter supplement which can raise the health and growth to them. It is an adequate mixture of essential amino acids, chelated minerals, and trace elements. “Growup Goat” is one of the widely used growth supplement for a goat which can significantly help in enhancing growth.


  • Removes vitamin deficiency.
  • Reduce mortalities.
  • Removes anxiety.
  • Removes fatty liver syndrome.
  • Better FCR.

Uses and administrations

For Meat goats

For Goat Kids: 10gm-20gm/Animal/Day.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.