Goat Growth Promoter

Goat Growth Promoter

Grow up goat an essential growth promoter for goats which provides them with the best health and growth. Better growth of goats came from the feed which they intake. Feed is the first thing which goat take which provides the vital nutrients and minerals that are required by the body. When there is a lack of vitamins or minerals in the body there creates a deficiency in the body which creates many health problems and diseases. In these, the main vital nutrients that are required by the body are calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron etc. With this deficiency, it causes weak muscles, skin problems, weight loss, low milk supply, low growth etc. To overcome from these diseases and health problem there is a need to replenish these deficiencies. Better vitamin and mineral supplement is used with the feed which removes these deficiencies and promotes overall health and growth. Growup goat and essential growth promoter which alone contains all the vital nutrients like protein with amino acids, many minerals, trace elements which overall promotes growth.


  • Removes vitamin deficiency.
  • Reduce mortalities.
  • Removes anxiety.
  • Removes fatty liver syndrome.
  • Better FCR.

Uses and Administrations

For Breeder Goats

Or, as advised for veterinarian consultants.