goat Farming immunity supplement

Goat Herbal Immunity supplement

There are many diseases and health related problem that a meat goat animal face. Meat goats are very crucial as they are used for their meat and these meats are used as food for humans and also a god source of income. For the better health they need a proper healthy environment for their better health and growth. Along with healthy environment there is need of various types of vitamin and mineral for their better health. Their deficiency in the body causes many problems like diarrhoea, low health growth etc. An unhealthy goat is not so able to take feed to overcome from the health problem. There is a need of external feed supplement which overcome these deficiencies and promotes growth. All these depends upon the health of immune system as it expels out various diseases from the body and stop external attack. Cough Plus is an essential herbal immunity which is a blended mixture of many herbal extracts of berberis aristata, vitis vinifera, origanum vulgare, oleaeuropea with added vitamins. This herbal goat immunity tonic is so efficient to the body as it helps in making the immune system stronger and promotes health.


  • Prevent and control diarrhoea.
  • Improves FCR.
  • Better health and growth.
  • Better survivability.
  • Reduce stress .
  • Controls bacterial infections.

Uses and Administrations

For Meat Goats

Goat Kids: 5ml-10ml/animal/day.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.