Goat immunity booster supplement

Goat Immunity Supplement

Stress is a serious factor that affects the health and growth of the body nearly to all animals. The general health of your goat depends upon how much your goat animal is exposed to stress during the whole day. This stress condition directly affects the health but a long exposure to stress is critical to health. There are many reasons behind this stress like external predator attacks, insects’ infestations, high and low temperatures and other issues which leads to a variety of diseases. During stress health of animal suffers a lot and body become weak which slows the growth. For removing the stress condition from goat there is a requirement of stress reliever medicine which helps in removing the stress disease by making the immunity stronger. Seletonic is one of the best stress reliever and immunity booster which aids in removing the stress condition. It contains vital elements like vitamin, biotin, selenium which makes it a recommended immunity and stress reliever supplement. Many health benefits are associated with the consumption of this and are as follows.


  • Boost the immunity.
  • Give Strength and vitality to goats.
  • Removes extra stress.
  • Enhances Fertility.
  • Makes body stronger.

Uses and administrations

For Meat Goats

Goat Kid: 5ml-10ml/animal/day.
Or, as advised by veterinary consultants.