Goat Milk Enhancer Supplement

Goat Milk Enhancer

Goat is an amazing animal which is globally used for their milk and meat. This animal plays an important role in the farming industry as it generates big revenue. Better health means better milk production which overall increases the revenue. This health is controlled by the supplement which the animal takes as feed. A feed should contain all the vital nutrients which aids in better health and milk production. But today alone feed is not sufficient in providing the desired amount of nutrients and vital elements to the body for better health. It causes many types of deficiency in the body which reduces health and milk production. For this situation, we provide “Lactomed” a vital milk enhancer supplement which comes into powder form which increases the health and milk production by providing the desired amount of nutrients to the body. Lactomed contains various types of enzymes and vitamins which help in the production of milk.


    Enhance Milk Production.
    Fulfil the desired nutrient requirement of the body.
    Aids in maintaining milk fat.
    Improve appetite.
    Reduce Milk Fever.

Uses and administrations

    For Dairy Goats

    Through Feed: 1Kg-2Kg/Ton of feed.
    Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.