Goat Calcium Supplements

Highly Bioavailable Calcium

Calcium is a basic and most indispensable supplement for animals. In farming, it is viewed as a perfect supplement which enhances the health of the animal and furthermore it enhances the Agricultural economy. For Indian farmers who live on pay begins from the animal meat and milk. For a better measure of cash to produce from animals, their health is to be kept on high need. A superior feed with a high proportion of calcium is required. Better accessibility of feed with the best supplement in balance helps in conveying the required health and body development. For this, we present Calavian a highly bioavailable calcium supplement for goats and all animal which improves their health and body development to them. It evacuates all the calcium insufficiencies and other related issues from the body. This fundamental calcium supplement contains calcium gluconate, calcium D saccharate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 which are the most vital elements for the body.


    Highly concentrated source of chelated calcium.
    Maximum Bioavailable calcium.
    Faster Growth and better body weight.
    Removes Stunned growth and leg weakness.
    Helps in boosting milk production.

Uses and Administrations

For Dairy Goats

    10ml to 15ml / day.
    Or, as advised by veterinarian consultant.