feed enzymes and probiotics

Goat Feed Enzymes And Probiotics

Feed Enzymes a crucial catalyst which is vital for the body. It is an imperative tool that expands the nutrients value of the feed. These feed compounds and probiotics help in lessening the feed cost and keeping up the general body performance. Enzymes are the chemical catalyst which helps in better assimilation of the feed. Normally, these chemicals are discharged by the body cells which helps in the breakdown of the feed. A sound body manages in creating feed enzymes yet when the health is low there is need of outer feed supplement which helps in the proper breakdown of feed. Anfazyme Premium is one of the feed enzymes which is utilized with the feed which helps in better digestion. This essential feed added substance contains three fundamental classes of compounds (Phytase, Carbohydrase, and proteases) which are considered as principle chemicals in the feed.


  • Control the feed cost by providing flexibility in the feed.
  • Improves feed efficiency .
  • Improves flock and production uniformity.
  • Improves dietary content of metabolizable energy.
  • Improves health and growth.

Uses and administrations

For Breeder Goats

1-2Kg/Ton of feed.
Or, as advised by veterinarian consultants.