mineral mixture supplement for goats

Goat Mineral Mixtures

The mineral is an essential element in the body which helps in enhancing proper health and growth. Growth and body development is a crucial factor which directly affects the efficiency of production of goat and sheep. These animals are mainly farmed for their milk and milk as they provide a base for economic growth. Better health and growth are achieved when all the desired minerals are available in the body which promotes towards a better functioning of organs and cells for better growth. Any kind of deficiency of mineral in the body can cause severe health-related issue and negatively impact the growth. In this situation, we should replenish the body with all the mineral by using mineral mixture supplement along with the feed which helps in fast recovery of the minerals deficiency in the body. “Vitagin” is one the recommended mineral mixture supplement which is composed of vital elements like vitamin, cobalt, copper, zinc and other vital elements for better health. We can also providegoat multivitamin supplement which helps in removing the vitamin deficiency. With the help of these, we can surprisingly increase the health of goat and sheep.


  • Helps in better health and growth.
  • Removes vitamin deficiency.
  • Better Fertility in females.
  • Better strengths.
  • Enhance stress-bearing capacity.
  • Better FCR.

Uses and Administrations

    For Meat Goats

Goat Kids: 5gm/Animal.
Goats: 10gm/Animal.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.