Goat Feed Toxin binder

Feed Toxin Binder

Animal feed are the most essential thing which gives the better health and body growth to them. These enhancements contain all the imperative supplements that are required by the body for their better working. Better feed provides better nourishment and yield better wellbeing. On the off chance that the feeds get influenced by outer cataclysms it fails in providing the nutrients that are present in it. Contamination from different sources like pollution, moist places, improper storage, insects and microbes are some of the reason which destroys the feed Nutritions. Feeds which are influenced from this contains poisons, and small substance called fungus get spread over all the surface. These are microbial living being and organism which wrecks feed and health of the animal who consumes this feed. For expelling these kinds of poisons from feed, mycotoxin binders are utilized which is a sort of medicine that disposes of the considerable number of toxin from the feed. Silver Tox is an extraordinary toxin binder which is very helpful in binding the toxins without destroying the health benefits of the feed. Along with binding the toxins there are many health benefits that are associated with the consumption of these.


  • Manages Toxins and control broad spectrum of moulds.
  • High efficacy towards polar and non-polar mycotoxins.
  • Prevents moulds growth in the feed.
  • Improves liver function and prevents fatty liver syndrome.
  • Control excess moisture present in the feed.
  • Removes bad bacteria.

Uses and administrations

For Breeder Goats

Goat Kids: 5gm-10gm/Animal/Day.
Or, as directed by veterinarian consultants.